Just Zen. Be yourself.
Feel good, clean, flow at your own pace.
This Recipe for the Soul contains Soy Wax and Coco Wax, so gentle on the skin, Almond and Coconut Oils, Cocoa and Sheabutter.
A classic but very moisturizing blend, enriched with some drop of Essential Oils: Lavender to find the way to tranquillity, Lemon to clean the energy and some Ylang Ylan to guide us in that interior space... 

Vegan and Organic and crueltyfree.



90 ml

Zen Massage Candle

VAT Included
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  • For a real cocoon moment, you will want to leave your candle lit until a pool forms on the top, (5-20 minutes). Blow out the flame and pour the wax directly on your hand to use it as luxe and natural super hydrating oil.