Personalized Vegetable Candle. Choose flowers, plants crystals, pot, and scents to design the kindest candle of your dreams.

It will be unique, they born all different.


Please let me know what are your wishes for the candle, such as color tone, intention, your personality, what type of recipient would you like, and what scents and plants you'd prefer.
After the purchase, I will contact you via email to define all details and know a little bit better about your wishes.


The recipient can be an original Dutch Vintage, or something new and trendy as you wish. Give me some clues and let me surprise you.


The soy wax will be completely consumed and some of the dried (small) plant items may burn or fall into the wax.
Once the wax is completely consumed, the receiver and crystals can be gently washed in warm water and reused.


Vegan 100% Soy Wax, sometimes melted with other sustainable vegetable waxes such as Coconut wax, and organic elements. Cruelty-free.

Custom Kind Candle, tailored for you

VAT Included
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