Rose Balm: Plum, Rose and Patchouli


Sweet and prominently exotic, the velvety feeling of this fragrance can be noticed also in big rooms.


This candle is about opening our hearts to give and receive love, and finding connection with Mother Earth, as comfort, as slow peace of the soul.


The blending of Patchouli and Rose fragrances creates a calming atmosphere that helps overcome sadness and negativity.

The energy of Patchouli invites reflection and concentration, inciting action from serenity. That is why, after calming the mood, it manages to stimulate and revitalize.


For this candle we use Red Jasper, refilling energy, black shiny Hematite enhancing will and confidence, stimulating creative thinking, and Tiger Eye for Protection.


Pure Soy Wax Candle, poured in our new glassware with French Top lid and embellished with dried flowers, bronze mica swirls, and ecoglitters for a shiny but discrete High-ends aesthetic.


Vegan, sustainable and cruelty-free.

220 gr of wax to enlighten many many moments (+50 hours burning).

Rose Balm Jewelry Candle

VAT Included
  • Allow the complete wax pool forming on first use, this will keep the candle from tunneling.

    Remove the inflammable elements as rosebuds or anise stars from the candle before lighting, if they are near the flame or not coated in wax. 

    Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time.

    Trim your wick before each use to 0,5 cm (1/4 in).

    The ideal surface for use is heat safe, away from drafts, and out of reach of pets, children, and or draperies/furniture.

    Store your vegan candle in a fresh place, away from the sun.

  • By the purchase of our candles, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions that Kind Kind Candles is not responsible for ANY damages or loss while using our candles.