"I would like to do with you what spring does with cherry trees"(Pablo Neruda, The Kiss, 1924)Kissable Massage Candle. Yes, as you read! A smoothing organic recipe with just the natural fragrance of our Cocoa Butter from a Belgian chocolatier supplier! And very few more kissable vegan, 100% organic ingredients.Born as tailored for a lovely customer, the recipe came out so delicious that I will have it always in my kitchen!Here is poured in a porcelain mini jug, granting one (or more) full night of kisses and massages for two. Simple as creamy Soy Wax with Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Linseed Oil in the right proportions to grant a velvet but not greasy experience. Unscented, with a natural yummy fragrance as our Cacao comes from a Belgian Chocolate supplier.A chocolatey Vegan recipe for a gourmand moment. You can kiss it but do not eat it!

Kissable Candle

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